Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1How often should I get my carpet cleaned?


Most  of our clients get their carpets cleaned Spring & Fall (Every six  months) This can be slightly more or less depending on the amount of  occupants in the home, pets, children, and sensitivity to allergens and  contaminants in your carpet from your lifestyle. 

Regularly  maintained carpet lasts longer, and is just healthier and more  pleasant. Less used rooms such as guest rooms can be done little or  yearly, but will still accumulate airborne contaminates.  

What Cleaning Method Do You Use?


We use a three step process to get your carpet as clean as possible. First step is to pretreat all areas to loosen all the spots and soils that are in your carpet.  By  pretreating your carpet we are able to use less cleaning solutions to clean your carpet  This helps to lessen any residue left in the carpet. Second after a 20-60 minute pretreatment time, we  rinse your carpet thoroughly . Third step is to extract making  several dry passes to lift the water and soils out of the carpet.

What is the number one issue you deal with?


Soap residue is by far the biggest problem we run into.  Heavily soiled carpets are often caused from inadequate rinsing .  Residue problems, cause PH problems in the carpet which over time can damage the color of the fiber.  Many of the over the counter spot cleaning products  do damage over a period of time. We have had a lot of success in correcting these issues. The photo above is a great example of residue problems. The right side has not been rinsed. The left side has been cleaned by water only correcting the problem.